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Company Roadmap

Based on our corporate development strategy, we shall focus on deep processing of
rare-earth to keep prospering and extending the rare-earth industrial chain.

Magnetic Materials Division expands production to 6,000 tons and promotes
product line management .The company promotes the establishment of BP and promotes the integration of functions and divisions.

Successfully passed the IATF16949 audit. Expanded production of magnetic materials
to 4,500 tons, and promoted product line operation. Phosphor production transfer
Zhujiang Optoelectronics

Underwent a business unit reform which optimized the organization structure for more effective use of resources.And autonomy of individual business units and higher economy efficiency resulted as such.


6000 tons of special alloy project put into operation
The testing center was approved by CNAS and began to conduct external inspection business. Special Metal/alloy line: 6000 tons/yea

The world-class NdFeB magnetic material production line (3000 tons /year) is
set up and put into operation, leading to a further expansion of industrial chain.

We have introduced the Mitsubishi complete chemical equipment unit andWe have
introduced the Mitsubishi complete chemical equipment unit and were exclusively
authorized to the Mitsubishi chemical phosphors technology. In addition, we have
purchased Mitsubishi Chemical’s Zhujiang Photoelectric Corporation in Guangzhou,
allowing us to access the high-end customers of the former Mitsubishi Chemical and
pioneer the market for medium and high-end fluorescent powder.

China’s first high-standard (over 4N) 2000-ton high-purity series production line has been set up and put into production and the 1000-ton trichromatic phosphor
production line has completed trial run and is being put into production, with
industrial chain extending to rare earth luminescent material.


Rare earth metal 1000t production line completed


Xiamen Tungsten purchased through merger Fujian Changting Golden Dragon
Rare-Earth Co., Ltd. which is of 19 years’ history. By means of relocation and
transformation, our company is capable of smelting and separating 5,000 tons of
ionic rare-earth typical of the south every year and has succeeded in the full
separation of 15 types of rare earth elements.