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Company Roadmap


Premier Li of the State Council emphasized the new production base of the research company, the completion of the reform of the mixed ownership and the reform of the joint -stock system


The 4,000-ton magnetic material (Phase III) expansion project was completed and put into operation, with the annual magnetic material production capacity reaching 12,000 tons;
Yuantong New Materials Co., Ltd. was established (the construction of a 20,000-ton rare earth secondary resource recycling project started)


The company was upgraded to a party committee

 Comprehensively promote IAM and IPD.


Magnetic Materials Division expands production to 6,000 tons per year


Phosphor production line transferred to Zhujiang Optoelectronics


Business unit reform


The surface treatment project with an annual output of 2,500 tons was put into operation;
The rare earth special alloy project with an annual output of 3,000 tons was put into operation.


Annual production of 3,000 tons of NdFeB magnetic materials is put into production


Completely acquired Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical Guangzhou Zhujiang Optoelectronics Company;
Annual output of 1,000 tons of rare earth metals is put into production.


Annual production of 2,000 tons of high-purity rare earth oxides is put into production;
The three-primary color phosphor production line with an annual output of 1,000 tons was put into operation;
The Institute of Magnetic Materials was established.


Acquired the original Jinlong Rare Earth and completed its relocation;
A fully separated production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons of 15 rare earth elements was put into operation


Xi Jinping, then governor of Fujian Province
Investigation at the rare earth separation plant of the former Changting Jinlong Company


Jinlong Rare Earth Company was officially established