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Rare earth oxides

Adopt the domestically-advanced fuzzy linkage extraction, non-saponifiable technology and automatic control technology and establish the dustless totally closed high-purity production line to comprehensively upgrade the performance and quality of rare-earth oxides and meet the customer requirements in product differentiation.

Rare earth metals

Through years of research in rare earth metal metallurgy, we have had a comprehensive knowledge of the ingredient, electrolysis, refinement, processing, polishing and other production processes of rare-earth metal and put into use our independently developed full-automatic multi-type electrolytic furnace, which ensure our rare-earth metal to have a first-rate and stable quality.


By introducing cutting-edge production process and equipment of Mitsubishi Chemical, the quality of our products such as rare-earth trichromatic phosphor is up to the world’s advanced level and these products are characterized by such advantages as high cost performance, high luminous efficiency .

Magnetic materials

Most of our products are targeted at middle and high-end markets. Through our independently developed vacuum melting furnace, multi-celled continuous sintering furnace, Magrise planar continuous sintering furnace and our unique grain boundary diffusion technology, we have not only upgraded all the performance of magnetic materials.

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