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Shixing County in Shao guan city: 25 people arrested for the illegal exploitation of rare earth

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At 3:00 on May 4, it was raining heavily. The government of Shixing County in Taiping Town, with local Public Security 
Bureau, Land Bureau and Forestry Bureau, jointly forming a law- enforcement team

At 3:00 on May 4, it was raining heavily. The government of Shixing County in Taiping Town, with local Public Security Bureau, Land Bureau and Forestry Bureau, jointly forming a law- enforcement team, which was divided into two groups, raided an illegal mining spot after travelling 20 kilometers in the rain without lights.


Around 8:00 in the morning, it was still raining,but not hard. With the command" Action”, the two group, already waiting for the order at surveillance site , immediately took action  to control  all the people at the site before they realized what happened.  The illegal workplace was quickly destroyed, which had effectively curbed the illegal exploitation of mineral resources.


It is known that the mine is located at the Zongpu village of Taiping town. The sheds for production and living had been constructed, as well as the facilities such as sedimentation tanks, which was ready for production. During this police action, they had arrested 25 people involved in the illegal mining, destroyed the pipelines, dismantled two sheds, and collected one digging machine, one pump and three walkie-talkies.