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Secretary of the Central Committee Changkui line to company research Youth League Construction Work

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(Text / Enterprise Management Division Ding Yongping) August 7 morning, Mission Central Committee Propaganda 
Department, Deputy Minister Changkui in League Committee yellow book ingots

(Text / Enterprise Management Division Ding Yongping) August 7 morning, Mission Central Committee Propaganda Department, Deputy Minister Changkui in League Committee yellow book ingots, group deputy secretary Luo Lulu, deputy governor Huang Jian, deputy secretary Lee County Italian group accompanied by leaders such as company research Youth League Construction work here.       Accompanied by the Deputy General Manager of the company Yueqing Guang, the Communist Youth League secretary Zhang Ge, the secretary of the CYL Central Committee Changkui first visited the company's lobby area of rare earth products, listened to the deputy general manager of the company chain and personnel training and describes the development of the company. Then visit the Mission League office construction companies, youth workers and other positions bookstore, listened Youth League secretary Zhang Ge, construction of the Company Youth League organizations and youth activities description, construction companies working on the group gave a high evaluation. Subsequently, Zhou Shuji and his party continue to carry the company 3000 tons NdFeB production workshop visit research. Learn more about the situation of the company's production technology of magnetic materials, equipment capacity, speed of development and the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced equipment and technology.       In the afternoon, accompanied by his research group and county leaders, County Development League Cadres, youth workers, entrepreneurs, counties as well as department heads on "How to build a better business development group for young people in the service business and economic development achieve personal development and personal values ​​"to carry out the business group to build the forum. Yueqing Guang, deputy general manager, the Communist Youth League secretary Zhang Ge, Ma Shuangmei, youth representatives of the employees participated in the full super forum. The company was founded in the Communist Youth League in December 2009, consists of eight League branch. In recent years, the Communist Youth League under the leadership of party committees and on Jituanzuzhi closely around the company's production and operation, growth and success of youth services, innovative ideas, efforts to enrich mobile carrier, firmly and effectively carry out the mission, and in the new enterprise reform and development process and give full play the role of vanguard and commando regiment organization. The central leadership of the group and certainly the company to inspect and guide the work of the group built, greatly encouraged the company and the majority of members of youth organizations Youth League. Company Youth League will take this opportunity to continue to enrich the corporate culture, work and write a new chapter in the Communist Youth League, striving for "54" Red Flag League tireless efforts.