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Companies active in the fire emergency drills

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WASHINGTON (text / Corporate Management Division Ding Yongping) to enhance awareness of fire safety, fire safety 
popularize knowledge, so that employees personally experience the escape and rescue to improve combat capability

WASHINGTON (text / Corporate Management Division Ding Yongping) to enhance awareness of fire safety, fire safety popularize knowledge, so that employees personally experience the escape and rescue to improve combat capability, the afternoon of July 22, the company held a fire emergency drills. A total of more than 200 employees from various departments participated in the exercise.    


Fire drill site selection in open space in front of the logistics department conducted. Evacuation drills stage, first discovered by an employee distribution room simulation workshop fire occurred and communicated to relevant personnel (team leader, chief, manager), after activate contingency plans, bell-ming move, under the command of field operations staff to evacuate the group emergency evacuation collection sites, other marshalling staff in place, in time to play their respective functions, the emergency procedures carried out after the fire combat exercises. Less than 5 minutes total time, more than 200 employees quickly evacuated the scene, security arrived at the designated location.       


After the drill, vice president from Datong to the field of health staff to explain first aid points, while the company Safety Management Commissioner James Parker on the human body model home rescue operation demonstration, make on-site staff to observe and learn more intuitive manner.       


Then, the company held firefighting field exercises. First made ​​a detailed explanation by the company Safety Management Commissioner James home cypress on fire extinguisher use; followed by a field exercise in the open spaces lit the container simulated scene filled with gasoline, the departments selected employees (in new employees for main) fast carrying fire extinguishers, proficient, "mention, take, pull, press" fire extinguisher use essentials, turns into fight "fire." Through the evacuation escape and fire fighting exercises, the classroom education into a combat scene, so that the majority of employees the right to master the method of escape danger occurs, fire safety knowledge and use of fire-fighting equipment, and enhance the fire safety awareness of the general staff improve emergency response capabilities, basically reached the desired effect and purpose of the exercise. But during the exercise, there are still some shortcomings and areas for improvement, such as a small number of employee security awareness is not strong enough, not enough exercise seriously; individual functional groups of the functional responsibilities and actions of this group are not familiar with the process, showing slow, not serious and so on.