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As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd.-a state owned pulbic company, the largest tungsten refinery in the world and one of the six rare earth groups in China, Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth Co., Ltd. is leading in the rare-earth industry and specializes in rare earth R&D, rare earth separation, rare earth deep processing and the application of rare earth functional materials. With a total asset of 2.5 billion RMB, and a total area of 400,000 square meters, we have tremendously scaled up our capability to 5000 tpa(ton per annuam) of rare earth oxides, 2000 tpa of high purity rare earth oxides, 2000 tpa of rare earth metals, 1300 tpa of rare earth phoshors and 6000 tons of rare earth magnets (sintered NdFeB magnets).

The company values much R&D and the application of rare earth functional materials of rare-earth and invested 100 million RMB for the new energy material (rare-earth materials) research center. In the meanwhile, through cooperation with Longyan and Sanming municipal governments, Xiamen Tungsten Co.,Ltd, owning the majority shares, set up Longyan Rare-earth Development Co., Ltd. and Sanming Rare-earth Development Co., Ltd., to secure governmental support and long term stable raw material supply and developed a "Five Unification" management model, namely "unified planning, unified mining, unified pricing, unified procurement and unified distribution"  for rare earth resource development.

In 2009, Longyan Rare Earth Industrial Park (10 sq. km.), was jointly set up by Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd and Longyan municipal government to boost the rare earth industry in Fujian Province.

The company boasts a complete industrial chain extending from rare earth mining, to rare earth separation, to rare earth metallization, to rare earth phosphors and finally to rare earth magnets.

Adhering to the excellent corporate culture of Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd., we have been joined by talents from worldwide. Looking into the future, the company sees a good prospect and sustainable development. 

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